Running your lawn care & landscape business & maintenance service has never been so easy! Our business software’s main screen is set up to be task-oriented and simple to understand.

We provide professional automated billing & invoicing software for landscaping companies. Commercial and residential accounts are made easy. Give your customers more payment options. The GroundsKeeper Pro landscaping management software provides safe, secure, simple, & integrated card processing.

Use your own logo or create a logo for your business from one of the pre-designed logos available here on our website.

Print customer bills as either statements or invoices with our landscaping business organization software. Get the ability to search for an invoice by invoice number to locate the customer it corresponds to.

Use our small business software for the lawn care and landscaping business to email bills and invoices to customers.

A Customized Look

Customize the look of your billing with our lawn care and landscaping business organization software. You have the ability to add a logo and to choose your own colors for the invoices. You have the option to use plain paper or use our invoice forms to print your bills. Using our preprinted forms will save you money on ink/toner and help your business portray a more professional invoice. Learn about all the benefits.

Our bills are designed to easily fold and fit into standard double window envelopes so no address labels are required; saving you time and effort. Look even more professional by providing an optional check return envelope so your customers have a pre-addressed envelope to quickly and easily return their payments to you.

Deal Easily with Customers

Run a utility to find customers who didn’t pay in a timely manner. Tag all or individual customers/customers and apply a late fee that is either a flat rate or percentage of their overdue balance, or both. This lawn care and landscape business software program can then print Late Statements for the tagged customers/customers if desired.

View previously printed invoices and statements with the option to reprint or email an exact copy/duplicate for a customer/client. Quickly see at a glance the last bill sent summary information for all customers at once. Quickly and easily setup schedules for repeating services with our landscaping management software. Use the scheduling screen to view, print, reschedule, add, and delete services in your daily schedule.

If you prefer to drop-off your customer’s invoices while you’re at the job site, you can use the option to print the bills for the customers in today’s schedule or routes.

Track Hours Effortlessly

Find an opening for a service that needs to be scheduled or rescheduled or view the total man hours for a days work. Print a courtesy note for all the job site locations in a schedule that says ‘I was here today and these are the services I performed – thank you for your business’. Use the scheduling screen to assign services to routes. Our lawn care and landscaping business organization software has both scheduling and routing.

Put job site locations into routes and call them whatever you wish such as ‘Lawn Application 1’, ‘Crew 2’, ‘Lawn Care Maintenance’, ‘Snowplowing 1-3 inches’, ‘William’s Route’, etc. Then use our Routing Template to quickly organize the locations into the best order with the least distance between job sites with one click.

Use our invoicing software wizard to quickly and easily apply all service charges to customer accounts from a schedule, route or estimate. GroundsKeeper Pro will charge every customer/client for the services performed at their job site automatically from your scheduling, routing and estimating.