What has the biggest impact when advertising a business? The logo design! It’s the first thing people see, and sets up the character behind your business: professionalism, friendliness, even humor can be picked up in logo design. Do you have a design for your lawn care business logo? Here are some great tips for creating one!


Your lawn care business logo should immediately communicate the personality behind your company and show your company’s unique identity. Start with a brainstorm and write it all down: both the good and bad ideas. Try listing words that you want your audience to perceive about your company. It’s helpful to brainstorm with more than one person to get a more rounded perspective.

Avoid cliches or generic logos, and keep it simple. The less complicated your logo is, the more clear your brand personality will become. Avoid trends so your logo won’t look dated in a few years. Limit creative flourishes and implement your brand’s promise in the logo design. Give your logo movement but keep the movement simple and straight forward. Lastly, trust a professional. Amateur work sticks out and is not worth the discount.

Mood Boards

Creativity gets flowing when you put ideas together in a cohesive mood board. This can be done digitally, like Pinterest. Or you could physically create a board with textures and ideas cut and pasted onto it. Check out the logos from your competitors to get ideas, whether bad or good. Aim to set yourself apart from the rest. Choose color combinations, inspirational graphics, other logos you appreciate, and your lawn care business logo will begin to form from all the elements combined.

Your Lawn Care Business Logo Design Style

Out of all the elements you prefer in logo design, you might find a particular style. Do you like logos that are Classic with staying power that won’t look out of date someday? Keep the color palette simple.

Would you prefer a more Vintage look to your logo with retro font styles to communicate a longer history or a sense of nostalgia in your logo? Hand illustrated logos or worn beige colors fit that aesthetic nicely.

Do you want a clean, fresh look that’s more Modern and up-to-date? Use straight, simple lines and minimalistic design.

A Handcrafted style will communicate individualism and hands-on quality. This could be combined with more Vintage or Modern designs to communicate your unique business.

You might be aiming for something Fun or Quirky to reflect your unique style of humor? This will target a younger audience with whimsical illustrations.

Color Is Important

Pay attention to color! Color can have psychological meaning that communicates mood in a subconscious way.

Red can be exciting, passionate, or loud.

Orange is just as energetic and used less often, but can be just as playful.

Yellow has a youthful, playful energy that communicates a friendly tone.

Green establishes a connection to nature, which could be ideal for a lawn care business logo. It is a versatile color and can create various moods depending on the tone. However, it is usually quite earthy and natural.

Blue is classic and commonly used for its sense of maturity and calmness.

Purple has a feminine, luxurious quality that puts off a sense of mystery.

Brown might seem like a strange choice, but it works really well to pull off a masculine vintage or handmade logo.

White is perfect for a minimalistic approach that’s clean and youthful when paired with any of the other colors.

Grey is mature, classic, and serious. It can look somewhat mysterious in darker shades.

Font Is Also Important

Your font should compliment the logo design and overall style. Serif fonts, like Times New Roman, have little feet that give the text an old fashioned mood. They work nicely with vintage, elegant, or classic design styles.

Sans Serif fonts work well for clean, modern styles to convey sleek sophistication. Script fonts are elegant and more individualistic and relaxed. You can design a logo font by combining elements of different font types to make your logo unique.


Your lawn care business logo design needs to have larger and smaller scale versatility. This means you need to watch the small details because they may just disappear when you make the logo tiny to fit on a hat or at the top of a letterhead instead of on a billboard or at the top of a website.

Adkad can take whatever image type or dimension you have chosen and work with it to fit into our software. We can help you with your logo design to upload into our easy-to-use business software system. All our logos are the perfect image quality for the purposes of printing from our software. However, the finished product we supply is not a high enough resolution for commercially printed materials.