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Blizzard Buster

Update v4.8.2

Be sure to keep up to date with the Blizzard Buster updates. Updates will contain newly added features and/or bug fixes. Your data will import automatically into the newly updated version. Check this page often for updates that become available. A list of new features and/or bug fixes for each update released is shown below. To determine which version of Blizzard Buster you're running, simply go into the program's About screen. If you're not running the latest release, we highly recommend you update to the new version. The latest version always contains all the previously released updates.

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Update Version: 4.8.2

August 5, 2009


Older versions are not compatible with the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems so updating to this latest version is required if you're running any of those OS. This version is still compliant with older Windows XP machines.

Fixed the "Run Time #6 - Overflow" error which occurs while in the Apply Payments and View Past Invoices screens.

Update Version: 4.71

May 25, 2007

Added the ability to search for a customer by a Jobsite Location Street Address in the Customer List selection screens of the Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry.

Added auto-save to Routing screen.

Added new functionality to the Routing screen for quickly organizing route locations according to a Template. The Template is a list of all your jobsites arranged by you. Typically, the order will be the least distance between locations. When you apply the Template to the Route, all the Jobsites within the Route are quickly arranged according to the Template.

Added new functionality to the Routing screen to reverse the order of the Locations in a Route. This ensures fairness for the order of servicing customers which is especially useful for snowplowing so that the same customer is not always serviced last.

The Customer List screen has been completely redesigned to create customer lists based on criteria you specify such as only jobsites that are in a certain city or zip; or only customers getting a particular service or with a lot or bed size larger or greater than a specific size. The complete list of fields for creating the Customer List are: Customer Status of Active/Inactive, Jobsite City/Zip, Lot Size, Bed Size, Service Name, Service Charge, and Service Taxable/Non-Taxable.

When printing the Customer List, the ability was added to select which fields to print on the report.

The functionality was also added to the Customer List screen to create a Route based on the Jobsite Locations and Services returned from the Customer List query which, for example, makes it a snap to create a route for all customers getting the 'Lawn Maintenance' service or the 'Trimming' service, etc.

The Print Bills screen now retains text entered into Message Line 1 and 2.

Changed when the Long Service Detail pages are printed when printing invoices. All Long Service Details pages are now printed together after all customer invoices have been printed.

Check Number field length increased in Apply Payments screen.

Payment Description field added to Apply Payments screen.

Fixed the bug that incorrectly printed invoices when multiple copies were selected in the Printer Dialog of the Print Bills screen.

Fixed bug in the Enter Charges screen's Wizard when auto applying charges from a route that had a name change to an old preexisting but deleted route.

Fixed issue in Current Balances report that printed all customers regardless of whether just inactive or active were displayed on the screen.

Fixed bug in Customer Maintenance screen that automatically changed the jobsite location address to match the billing address when the customer only had one jobsite location and the billing address was modified.

Added 'Registration Error' troubleshooter.

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Blizzard Buster Update

Latest Update: v4.8.2
Released: August 5, 2009

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