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Data Recovery

Get help now!

We will help you resolve dilemmas with your data such as data recovery, corrupted data, or data entry issues.

However, if you've been making regular backups of your data through our software you should never need the Data Recovery service. You would simply use the Restore feature of our software to load the backup of your data back into the program.

Otherwise, if all else fails or you simply just want us to walk you through it, we'd be happy to help! Plus, if your computer has an internet connection we have the ability to remotely access it so we can do it all for you while you watch. So don't worry, we have a 99% success rate at getting your data back.

The cost for data recovery is $90 an hour, with a minimum charge of $30. That means if the call goes over 20 minutes, the rate is $90 an hour ($1.50 a minute).

The data recovery support service cannot be purchased online. The fee is charged when you call.

Email is not available for data recovery since we can assist you better and faster over the phone.

Don't go another minute without your data. We want to help! Call now.

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Note: All our support is available in the English language only.


Data Recovery
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The more I use this software the more I like it's flexibility. I am impressed with what we have and want to say thanks.
Tom Hill - We Mow It, a division of Teamsource, Inc.
Easily 10 times faster and easier to use than QuickBooks Pro! I only wish that I had found Groundskeeper Pro sooner!
Jason Anderson - Rich Valley Lawn Care
I don't know how I ran my biz before GroundsKeeper Pro!
Marie White - White Lawnscapes, LLC.
I am the owner of a large lawn care company in Virginia. I have been in business for over 12 years and the last 2 years I have been using GroundsKeeper. When I started using GroundsKeeper I only had 40 clients and now 2 years later I have over 350!!! I could have never done this if I didn't have such a great managing system. GroundsKeeper keeps me organized and helps me grow with ease. I am not a very computer oriented kind of guy and if I can use this software anyone can. Thanks for making such a great product better!!
Jason Holder
I have been using this program since July of 2002 and I absolutely love it. I have recommended it to anyone in the same line of work that has asked about it, and will continue to. This program is very easy to use and saves me more time than I could imagine when it comes to doing the book work necessary to run my business. I am a member of a forum and have recommended it numerous times to some of the newbies looking for a good program. Also the customer service has been excellent when I have needed it. My questions were answered and directions were very direct. Thank you for a really great program!!!
Kirk Bergbigler - Bergbigler Lawn Care