Save Money & Miles With a Lawn Care Route Scheduling Software!

If you are the business owner of a lawn care maintenance company, you have a lot of employees and clients to keep track of and take good care of. Over the years, your business has grown and so has your clientele. Maybe it's time to update your scheduling system to make your processes more efficient and profitable. With our lawn care route scheduling software, GroundsKeeper Pro, simplify your appointments, routing schedules, and billing process!

Serving All Types of Industries

Our software is specialized for snow, lawn, landscape, and irrigation maintenance companies. If you maintain yards and landscapes, you will love the GroundsKeeper Pro! As you schedule appointments for each client, it can be difficult to track how often those clients need services. It can also be tedious to make constant notes for what each client needs for every appointment.

That is why our software is specially designed to help you set up repeated services that will stay in your calendar each week/month/year. Schedule countless services with the click of a button! And to cancel or reschedule an appointment is easy, too.

Save Time & Money on the Job

  • Save Distance. With our lawn care route scheduling software, easily group clients into different locations and areas. When you are planning your day, you can schedule your day by routes, so that you're not rushing from one side of the city to another.
  • Save More Time. As you go through your daily schedules, you want to save as much time as possible. In lawn care business, when we say time is money, we mean it! Our software will cut out hours of driving time so that you can spend your time on your valuable services.

Try a Lawn Care Route Scheduling Software For Free!

Check out the GroundsKeeper Pro and sign up for a FREE TRIAL! We don't even collect your card number until you've tried it.