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How does the free trial work?

The only limitation on the free trial is that you may only enter 5 customers. Other than that, our free trail lawn care business management software is fully functional. Plus, there isn't a time limit on the free trial so take as long as you need to look at it. There is no limitation on how many times or how many computers the free trial is used on. So, download and install the free trial as many times as you want and on as many computers as you want. Please test-drive our software and see if it does what you need. And, if you have any questions about what it can do or how our software will help you run your business, simply give us a call or email us. We'd love to talk to you about our software!

What happens after I purchase the software?

When you purchase the software you're given a Registration Number that is used to activate it. At which time the 5 customer limit is lifted and you'll be able to enter up to 10,000 customers. We also send you the full lawn care business management software package in the mail and an email with a link to where you can download it. Once activated on a computer, the software does not need to be reinstalled so the CD and download link would just be used for additional computers or when you get a new computer. You may install the software on an unlimited number of computers with 1 purchase; simply use the same Registration Number to activate each instance. All we ask is that every installation of the software is being used for the purposes of the registered user of the software and their business.

How many customers, jobsites, and services can I enter into the program?

The free trial can be used with up to 5 customers. After purchasing, up to 10,000 customers may be entered into the program. Of those 10,000 customers, each customer can have unlimited jobsite locations. For example, a landlord may own several buildings where you perform services - one customer with multiple job site locations. Plus, every jobsite location you enter can have up to 100 of its own unique services and service prices.

Are there any hidden fees for the software?

No. Pay for the software once and put it on as many computers as you want to - at no additional cost. Plus, there are no repetitive monthly or yearly fees for our software. The only additional costs you may encounter are for the optional updates, upgrades and technical support for your lawn care business management software. We also offer optional paper products that can be used with our software if desired. If you do decide to use our invoice forms or envelopes you may be eligible to get free technical support. For specific rates on these optional items please call us, email us, or look on this website. In the event that a new or replacement Registration Number must be issued a small administrative fee may be charged.

Can I install this software on an Apple Products such as the Mac computer, iPad, and iPhone?

Our software was not designed for a Mac computer. The software was created for computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system. However, if the Mac computer has software that simulates the Windows operating system, our software will run on it. The best way to know for sure is to ask your Apple store about how to run Windows based software on a Mac.  Or, if you think your Mac is already setup to run Windows based software, simply try installing and running our free trial. If the free trial works successfully, it will continue to operate successfully after it's purchased.

Our software does not operate on a iPads or iPhones at this time.  However, this is a capability we're aiming for in future software products.

Can multiple computers be set up to run the software and share the same data? Can this software be networked?

Yes, most of the time. Our software was not designed to be networked but we have hundreds of users that are running our software on office networks. If the network is setup properly, up to 10 computers may operate the software and share/modify/edit the same data.

We do not support networking and do not guarantee our software will work on your network but we explain in a Knowledgebase article how others have setup the software to operate in this environment. The best way to know for sure before purchasing is to try networking the free trial. If the free trial networks successfully, it will continue to after it's purchased. You may also have a network expert call us and we'll explain how to do it over the phone.

We do not provide assistance setting up your network. The computers you want to use the software on must already be part of an existing and fully functional network. Our software license allows our software to be purchased once and installed on as many computers as you want. So, there would be no additional cost to operate our software in a network environment. However, in some network scenarios, a special registration number must be issued that voids the 30 day money back guarantee.

Can this software be used out in the field?

Yes, our lawn care business management software can be installed on any laptop and tablet type computer that runs the Microsoft Windows operating system. The main hardware requirement is that the computers screen size is big enough for our software's screens to be completely visible. Unfortunately, there are so many different types of portable computers available today that we have not had the opportunity to test our software on all of them. So, the best way to know for sure is to install the free trial on the portable computer in question and see if it works.

To load your data back and forth between any two computers such as an office/home computer and a laptop - you'd use our program's Backup and Restore features. First, our software must be installed and registered/activated on both computers. There is no additional cost to install our software on multiple computers. Then, simply use the Backup procedure in our software to copy your data from the one computer onto a USB/Flash drive. Bring the storage device to the second laptop computer and open our software. Run the Restore function that copies in the data from the USB/Flash drive. Keep in mind that the Restore feature does a full replacement of the current data with the imported data. The computers are not networked and sharing the same data; a copy of the data is being loaded in. So, if you're careful, the Backup and Restore features enable your data to be portable between computers. It is also possible to email the backup file created by our software to another distant computer location where it may be restored in.

Alternatively, using remote desktop software via an internet connection it is possible to access an office/home computer with a field laptop to run our software. The upside of running our software remotely is that there would be no need to use the Backup & Restore features. The drawback is typically a slow internet connection encountered with remote access.

Currently, our software is not what is termed Internet based software. Typically Internet based software has a monthly or yearly repetitive fee and has the ability to work on any computer that is hooked to the internet. Usually there is a login to access your business management system and your data and software are running off a server on the web. The benefit is that your business software is available to you anywhere and all computers are hooked to the same set of data. We are currently looking for input in the form of a survey as to whether this is something you, our customers, are interested in. Please take the time to contact us with your thoughts on this topic via a phone call, email or by taking our survey.

Does this software work on handheld devices or smartphones? Are there Apps available for the software?

No, not at this time. However, this is a capability we're aiming for in future software products and updates.

How often should I make backups of my data?

The program will automatically ask you to make a backup every ten (10) days. But we suggest you backup your data through our software daily onto a removable USB/Flash drive. In the event of a computer crash, a virus, or your database getting corrupted, a backup is the only way to get your data back into the program without having to manually start from scratch and reenter it all again. To get back up and running after a disaster you simply need to install the software and then restore your data in from the backup you made.

What are the major differences between GroundsKeeper Pro and GroundsKeeper Lite?

GroundsKeeper Lite only does billing and routing. It doesn't do scheduling, estimating, expense tracking & reporting, chemical application tracking & reporting.

What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?

Updates will usually contain new features that we have added to the program. These new features can be major or minor. We listen to what you tell us the program is missing and sometimes we will add these suggestions to the software, creating a new version, also called an update. Another possibility for a new update would be bug fixes. If a user finds a significant bug and tells us about it, we will fix the error and release a new update. Do you have a suggestion for a new feature or a bug to report? If so, please tell us about it.

An upgrade, on the other hand, is always a major change to the software. It will contain so many new features it's like getting a whole new program. Because of the extensive changes, we charge for an upgrade. But you will always have the option not to upgrade if you’re happy with the software the way it is. For example, GroundsKeeper Pro was an upgrade on the lawn care business management software from GroundsKeeper Lite.

Does this software link with QuickBooks or any other accounting software?

In the latest version of GroundsKeeper Pro, we added the ability to import customers from QuickBooks Pro 2009 and QuickBooks Pro 2013; other versions of QuickBooks have not been tested but may work. This feature imports customer names, addresses, phone numbers and starting balances from QuickBooks into GroundsKeeper Pro. Important: This feature is not a permanent connection where data is shared between the two software packages. It is simply a utility to quickly and easily get your customers loaded into GroundsKeeper Pro which is a great way to save you data entry time if you're switching from QB to GK Pro!

NOTE: GroundsKeeper Lite and Blizzard Buster do not have this feature.

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