GroundsKeeper Pro v9.1.2

No Monthly Fees

GroundsKeeper Pro v9.1.2 is business management and invoicing software for people in the landscaping and lawn care industries.

4 Payment Plan Available!


  • 30 days of FREE Silver Support.
  • A hard copy of our management and invoicing software on CD.
  • An emailed link where you can download and install the software immediately.
  • A product Registration Number is provided immediately that may be used on an unlimited number of computers for the licensed user.

If you’ve already installed the free trial of GroundsKeeper Pro v9.1.2; simply enter the Registration Number provided after purchasing into the ORDER & REGISTER screen of the lawn care business software. That’s it – you can begin using our helpful lawn care business, landscape management and invoicing software immediately and forever! Once activated, you do not need to reinstall the software from the download link or CD.


Easy to Use Business Software Interface

Our business software’s main screen is set up to be task-oriented and simple to understand. Running your
lawn care & landscape maintenance service business has never been so easy!

Create Professional Invoices

Professional automated billing & invoicing software for landscaping companies. Commercial and residential accounts made easy.

Accept ACH, Debit & Credit Card Payments

Give your customers more payment options. The GroundsKeeper Pro landscaping management software provides safe, secure, simple, & integrated card processing. You can accept bank to bank transfers (ACH) payments too.

Company Logo on Bills, Estimates & Contracts

Use your own logo or create a logo for your business from one of the pre-designed logos available here on our website.

Print Bills as Invoices or Statements

Print customer bills as either statements or invoices with our landscaping business invoicing software. Get the ability to search for an invoice by invoice number to locate the customer it corresponds to.

Email Bills and Invoices

Use our small business software for the lawncare and landscaping industry to email bills and invoices to customers.

Change Bill / Invoice Colors

Customize the look of your billing with our lawn care and landscape business software. You have the ability to add a logo and to choose your own colors for the invoices.

Print Bills on Pre Printed Invoice Forms

You have the option to use plain paper or use our invoice forms to print your bills. Using our preprinted forms will save you money on ink/toner and help your business portray a more professional invoice. Learn about all the benefits.

Double Window Envelopes makes Addressing your Bills Fast & Easy

Our bills are designed to easily fold and fit into standard double window envelopes so no address labels are required; saving you time and effort. Look even more professional by providing an optional check return envelope so your customers have a pre-addressed envelope to quickly and easily return their payments to you. Save Lots of Money by buying the Shipping & Check Return Envelopes from Us.

Determine Late Paying Customers, Apply Late Fees & Print Late Statements

Run a utility to find customers who didn’t pay in a timely manner. Tag all or individual customers/customers and apply a late fee that is either a flat rate or percentage of their overdue balance, or both. This lawn care and landscape business software program can then print Late Statements for the tagged customers/customers if desired.

View and Print/eMail Duplicates of Past Bills Sent for a Customer

View previously printed invoices and statements with the option to reprint or email an exact copy/duplicate for a customer/client.

Summary of Last Bills Sent for All Customers

Quickly see at a glance the last bill sent summary information for all customers at once.


Quickly and easily setup schedules for repeating services with our landscaping management software.

View and Print Daily Service Schedules

Use the scheduling screen to view, print, reschedule, add, and delete services in your daily schedule.

Month View of Daily Assigned Man Hours

Find an opening for a service that needs to be scheduled or rescheduled or view the total man hours for a days work.

Drop-off Courtesy Note

Print a courtesy note for all the job site locations in a schedule or route that says ‘I was here today and these are the services I performed – thank you for your business’.

Assign Scheduled Services to Routes

Use the scheduling screen to assign services to routes. Our lawncare and landscaping software has both scheduling and routing.


Put job site locations into routes and call them whatever you wish such as ‘Lawn Application 1’, ‘Crew 2’, ‘Lawn Care Maintenance’, ‘Snowplowing 1-3 inches’, ‘William’s Route’, etc. Then use our Routing Template to quickly organize the locations into the best order with the least distance between job sites with one click.

Wizard to Automatically Post Charges from Scheduling, Routing, and Estimating

Use our invoicing software wizard to quickly and easily apply all service charges to customer accounts from a schedule, route or estimate. GroundsKeeper Pro will charge every customer/client for the services performed at their job site automatically from your scheduling, routing and estimating.

Print Bills for Customers in Schedules or Routes

If you prefer to drop-off your customer’s invoices while you’re at the job site, you can use the option to print the bills for the customers in today’s schedule or routes.

Export Jobsite Locations from Routes or Schedules

Use the option to export job site locations from routes or schedules into to a CSV file which can then be imported into other GPS enabled mapping computer software.

Create Routes from Custom Customer Lists

Query your entire customer base by zip, city, and/or service name to create a custom subset of customers. Then click one button to instantly turn that customer list into a route.


Create job cost estimates to determine the profitability of a job. Print out the customer/client copy with contract terms and signature area. Our computer software contains standard contract terms, however, they are completely editable by you from within our business software application.

Service Contracts

In addition to the contract for an estimate, our software also contains a separate contract that is sent out with a list of services and prices specific to a single customer/client as a renewal letter for that entity. Our computer program provides the wording for the contract, however, like the estimate contract; the text is completely modifiable by you from within our software program.

Customer Management

Our business management software application will maintain 10,000 customers /customers with the ability to designate whether the customer is active or inactive. Create reports, print labels, and views based on active and inactive customers. Search for a customer by name or job site location address.

Customer Letters

Use the letter builder to create custom letters that can be either emailed or printed to all or selected customers. Were you unable to get to every jobsite on your lawn care route due to bad weather? Simply select that route or schedule and check-off the customers who were rained-out and email them a letter that lets them know.

Customer Addresses, Jobsites & Services Information

In GroundsKeeper Pro, a customer’s billing/correspondence address can be different than the job site location address. Plus each customer can have multiple job site locations associated with it. In addition, each customer’s job site locations will have their own services and unique prices.

Regular Services

Assign up to 100 unique regular services for each customer’s job site location. These services can then be selected for charging to a customer’s account. As an added benefit, each regular service can have up to a 1,000 character description associated with it ‘ that’s almost an entire page of information! The long description can be made public to customers on bills or kept private and just for your personal use or for employee information and instructions on schedules & routes.

Special Services

Charge customer’s for special services. This feature is simply a quick and easy way to post a single non-repetitive charge to a customer’s account. Usually, this will be a once or very infrequently performed service.

Time & Materials

Enter items for the many time and materials categories in GroundsKeeper Pro. Once added, these items are available for charging to a customer’s account or adding to an estimate.

Charge a Fuel Surcharge Fee

Charge an additional fuel surcharge to all or tagged customer accounts based on lot/property size or a flat rate fee.

Globally Increase Service Prices

Select services from a master list and run a procedure to increase the prices for all customers all at once by either a percentage or a flat rate.


View and print customer account history. Analyze the charge and payment activity that makes up a customer’s account balance.

Customer Account Balances

View all your customer/client current balances in one place for quick review.

Income Statistics

View summary and print details on your company’s account receivables for any date range. This is the report your accountant will want for a record of how much money your business charged for and collected for a tax period. In addition, this report is flexible enough to calculate business income for a day, week, month, quarter or any date range. Ability to password protect the income reporting screen.

Income Statistics by Service

Ever want to know which service is the most (and least) profitable? View income receivable statistics summarized by service for any date range. Ability to password protect the service income reporting screen.

Track Business Expenses

Create an unlimited number of payable accounts; such as: ‘Fuel Expenses’, ‘Office Expenses’, ‘Vehicle Expenses’ and ‘Equipment Expenses’. Enter receipts and entries to track, view and print business account expenses for a date range. Utilize the data for the tax expenditure information your accountant needs and business profitability forecasting. GroundsKeeper Pro does not print accounts payable checks.

Sales Tax Reporting

Based on a date range print either a taxes charged report or a taxes collected report which is summarized by job site location county.

Track Payroll Expense

Use our bookkeeping type payroll to track salary business expenses summarized by an employee. GroundsKeeper Pro does not print payroll checks. Ability to password protect the payroll screen. Maintain information and private comments/notes regarding employees with our landscaping management software.

Apply Customer Payments

Post payments to customer accounts as cash, check or debit/credit card. This feature of our landscaping invoicing software allows you to enter any payment description you want such as ‘Check 123’, or ‘Cash’ or ‘Visa *1234’, etc.

Custom Customer Lists

Search your entire customer base by job site location city, zip, county, lot size & bed size. Further separate customers by service, service charge, whether or not a service is taxable and/or by how many man hours it takes to perform a service. Drill down even more by delineating lists between active and inactive customers. View, print or create routes from the generated list of customers.

Record Customer Comments & Conversations

Manage private notes, comments, conversations and important information about customers.

Chemical Application Tracking & Reporting

Use our computer program to record herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer or any other type of chemical applications. Print chemical applications reports based on a single customer or all customers for a date range.

Backup & Restore Data

Create backups of your data through our database management utility. Make backups to a removable USB/Flash drive and never worry about a virus or crash. Simply reinstall GroundsKeeper Pro and use the Restore utility to import the data back in. The backup & restore features also means your data is portable between multiple computers and laptops.

Cleanup Data & Start a New Year

Before starting a new year you can use our landscaping management software’s Cleanup function to archive last season’s data and start the new season off fresh. The Cleanup function is optional since GroundsKeeper Pro can hold many, many year’s worth of data without a problem.

Export Data

Export your company data into a CSV file format that can be opened with Microsoft Excel to create custom reports.

Import QuickBooks Customers

Import your customer names, addresses, phone numbers and starting balances from QuickBooks into GroundsKeeper Pro.

Mailing Labels

Print mailing labels for active or inactive customers.

Password Protect Program

Assign a password to open/start our lawn care service and landscaping business software.


System Requirements

Ink Jet or Laser Printer

Microsoft®  Windows 8 or Windows 10 (not in S Mode)

Run our landscaping management software application on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or 2-in-1 running the Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 10 (not in S mode) operating system. Any computer with the ability to run these operating systems has all the memory resources necessary to run our software program.

Windows 8 Compatible Windows 10 Compatible

Will this software run on a Mac?

International Users: (outside USA)

Computer date format must be mm/dd/yyyy.
Dollar sign ($) used for currency on some reports.
Estimating uses USA unit of measurements rather than metric.

More Info

Software FAQs

Install on Multiple Computers

The GroundsKeeper Pro software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers with 1 purchase.

Software License Agreement


Our software was not designed to be networked; however, it can be setup to network on up to 10 local workgroup computers. We do not support setting up or maintaining your network but we have a Knowledgebase article on how to install and run our software in a network situation. This software is not currently internet based software; meaning, it cannot be run via a web server, however, it could be accessed through the internet with remote desktop software.

How to install & run this software on a Network

Mobile Phone Apps

Currently, there are no mobile phone apps for the GroundsKeeper Pro software.

No Monthly Fees for Software

Our software is a one-time charge. The only other fees are for updates that come out approximately every 1 1/2 to 2 years. Update fees are between $0 and $150 depending on what new features are added. Updates are optional but we always recommend running the latest release.

Note on Blizzard Buster

GroundsKeeper Pro landscaping management software has all of Blizzard Buster’s features already in it so you do not need to purchase both products. GroundsKeeper Pro will manage all your spring, summer, fall & winter services. Blizzard Buster was designed for businesses that provide winter services only.


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