Invoice Form 2A & 2B


Forms 2a & 2b are two separate forms used together to create a 2 page invoice needed when a customer has more than 24 activity lines. Together, these forms provide room for up to 90 activity lines for an invoice.

Both form 2a and 2b’s packages contain 500 sheets of high quality 8.5 x 11 inch 60 lb preprinted paper. Form 2b is perforated at the payment return portion of the invoice.

For a quantity of 1 we ship 1 ream of Form 2a & 1 ream of Form 2b. A quantity of 2 is 2 reams of Form 2a and 2 reams of Form 2b, etc.

These forms are sold together as a set.

For every 500 – 2 page invoices you print, using our preprinted invoice forms 2a & 2b will save you between $150 – $200 on ink or toner costs!

Savings depends on the cost of your printer’s replacment ink or toner.


  • Look more professional. Form 2b is perforated 3.5 inches from the bottom making a tear line for the payment return portion of invoice.
  • Consistent, dependable performance in all laser and inkjet printers.
  • The top right logo area is intentionally left blank. If you’re using a logo it will print from your printer in the space provided.
  • Form 2a & 2b are 2 separate sheets of paper where the back/reverse sides are blank.
  • Use these forms if your invoice will have more than 25, but less than 90, Activity Lines.

Volume discounts are based on the quantity ordered.


FromTo Price Per
10or more77.98

Note - As of January 6th, FedEx and UPS have implemented a surcharge on packages over certain weights. If your cart has over 8 paper items, you will be charged $24 per 9 items on top of the current shipping and handling rates.

Expected Shipping Date: Same business day on orders placed before 1PM EST.

Why Use the Preprinted Invoice Paper?

Save Money!!!

Each ream of paper (500 sheets) equates to approximately $75-$100 worth of ink if you were to print your invoices on plain paper. The savings is huge! Over time, the savings in ink costs will eventually pay for the cost of the software.

Look More Professional

The invoice forms are made from a superior quality 8.5″ x 11″ 60 lb weight paper which works in all printers. The ink used is a high quality, semi-gloss, non-smearing commercial ink. Plus, there is a perforation at the payment stub.

Perforated at Payment Stub

A perforation where your customers tear off the payment stub to return with their payment. Your business looks more professional when they can tear the stub off rather than needing scissors to cut it off. Another benefit of the perforation is that it creates a fold line so the invoices always line up perfectly in window envelopes.

Print 4 Times Faster

The invoices print 4 times faster than using plain paper since 99% of the bill form was already preprinted and therefore the only items your printer needs to print are your logo or company name and the black text that fills in the boxes with your customers billing data.

Color Invoices

The invoice forms are in color so if your printer only prints in black you still get a professional color invoice.

Dependable Delivery

Your customer gets a hard copy of their invoice which you can mail or leave at the jobsite. Emailing the invoice is great but unreliable due to SPAM filters, incorrect customer email addresses and accidental deletion of the email itself due to a customer not recognizing or trusting your sender email address.

Easy to Use

The software tells you when to load the invoice paper into your printer’s paper tray. If the text doesn’t line up on the forms properly there is a simple one-time procedure to run.