Support Services

Get more expert training on all of our business software.

Here's Some Extra Help to Get Ahead!

With our extra support services, you will feel confident about using our software and will know everything you need to conduct a successful, smooth landscaping business.

Premium Support plans are available. Click here to learn more


Pay-Per-Incident Support

Need help with our software but don't want to sign up for a support plan?

Call and get personalized help with any of our software products from one of our live software experts during our business hours.

The cost for the pay-per-incident support is $90 an hour, with a minimum charge of $30. Most support incidents take between 1 and 20 minutes so, most likely, the cost will be the $30 minimum. However, if the call goes over 20 minutes, the rate is $90 an hour ($1.50 a minute).

The pay-per-incident support cannot be purchased online. The fee for pay-per-incident support is charged when you call.


Data Recovery

If recovery is possible, we will recover your data!

We will help you resolve data dilemmas such as data recovery, corrupted data, or data entry issues.

If you've been making regular backups of your data through our software, try using the Restore feature of our software to load the backup of your data back into the program. If that doesn't work or you simply just want us to walk you through it, we'd be happy to help! Also, if your computer has an internet connection we have the ability to remotely access it so we can do it for you while you watch.

The cost for data recovery is $90 an hour, with a minimum charge of $30. That means if the call goes over 20 minutes, the rate is $90 an hour ($1.50 a minute). The data recovery support service cannot be purchased online. The fee is charged when you call.

Don't go another minute without your data. Call now!


Gold Support

Get personalized help and training with any of our software products from one of our software experts.

Help with issues and questions is provided via a phone call with a live support specialist or email; whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Training is a hands-on experience. You will learn all of the important steps to the setup and operation of the software, as well as, many useful and time-saving tips; all conducted by phone from your home or office at the time of your choosing.

Support coverage starts immediately after purchase so don't hesitate to contact us right-away.

Software Training:
Training is done over the phone with a software expert and scheduled at a time convenient for you. Since training is best uninterrupted, we recommend scheduling the call when your office is closed and you can give your full attention to learning.

If you're already signed up with an active Gold Support plan and have an issue or question, or you need to schedule training, call us or email us now.

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