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GroundsKeeper Pro Update v7.1.3


This is a FREE update if your current version is 7.0.1 or higher. Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD tab to install the latest version.
If your current version is 6.3.2 or lower there will be a cost to update. Click the BUY NOW button above.

Be sure to keep up to date with the GroundsKeeper Pro updates. Updates will contain newly added features and/or bug fixes. Your data will import automatically into the newly updated version. Check this page often for updates that become available. A list of new features and/or bug fixes for each update released is shown below. To determine which version of GroundsKeeper Pro you’re running, simply go into the program’s About screen. If you’re not running the latest release, we highly recommend you update to the new version. The latest version always contains all the previously released updates.

The most recent update for GroundsKeeper Pro is version 7.1.3 and it was released on September 30, 2018.  Your data will transfer from your old version into the new version in one easy step.


  • An emailed link where you can download and install the new updated version immediately. NOTE: If a CD is ordered, you will also get a CD mailed.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install the update and import your data in.
  • A product Registration Number is provided immediately for the new updated version that may be used on an unlimited number of computers for the licensed user.

New Features

Update Version: 7.1.3

September 30, 2018

NOTE: GroundsKeeper Pro v6.3.2 and lower versions are not supported or compatible with the Windows 10 (not in S mode) operating system. Running those old versions on the newer operating systems can result in data loss and unpredictable results. It is strongly recommended that you update to this latest version.

Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where the customer balance displayed incorrectly when a refund was processed through the Electronic Payments (Fortis) portal & the payment was posted through the GroundsKeeper software.  The refunded line-item text was showing up in the Customer Inquiry screen but the amount was missing and therefore the balance appeared off.  The invoices “Total Amount Due” was not affected by this issue.

Update Version: 7.1.2

April 17, 2018

Improvement: Added debit/credit card processing. Learn More
Fixed the slow load time in v7.1.1 when printing/emailing invoices in the Print Bills screen.

Update Version: 7.0.4

March 15, 2017

Improvement: Added a more detailed summary to the Accrual-Basis Tax report in the Income Statistics screen.

Bug Fix: Fixed issues in the Income Statistics Cash-Basis Tax report.

Update Version: 7.0.3

August 18, 2016

Improvement: The Taxes Collected Report in the Income Stats screen no longer uses a “Hybrid-basis” accounting method. Instead, two new tax methods/reports have been added “Accrual-basis” and “Cash-basis”.

Bug Fix: Fixed issues in the Import/Export screen where some of the Exports were missing data in the CSV files.

Bug Fix: Fixed the “3360 Query Too Complex” error which occurred while doing a global service name change in the Customer Maintenance screen that effected a large number of locations.

Bug Fix: Fixed the “No Current Record” error in the Scheduling screen for the Enter Charges|Wizard|Schedule function.

Update Version: 7.0.2

February 4, 2015

New Feature: All printed documents, including invoices & estimates, are now created as PDFs. Thus adding the ability to PREVIEW, PRINT, and EMAIL any and ALL documents created by the software.

Improvement: Updated, improved and expanded the technology used to send emails.

New Feature: Added the ability to bulk email invoices to all or multiple selected customers from the Print Bills screen with 1 click rather than using the Past Invoices Sent screen to email one at a time. Of course we still left the ability to reprint or email a previously created invoice but it is no longer a requirement that the invoice be printed first.

Improvement: The invoices are now emailed as PDF attachments rather than in text only format.

Improvement: Added the ability to flag a customer as getting their invoices just emailed, just printed or both emailed and printed.

Improvement: The invoice, Service Contract and Estimate Contract now have the ability to print the logo on the left or right. The logo shows in the window of our shipping envelope if “Print Logo on Left” is selected.

New Feature: Added the ability to export the Customer List query data into a CSV file.
NOTE: CSV files are a common file format that can be imported into MS Excel, MS Word, etc. Please refer to your other software products documentation on how to import the CSV data.

New Feature: Added the ability to export data to CSV files. Information that can now be exported: Customers, Customer Services, Jobsite Locations, Routes, Services, Time & Materials, Charges & Payments, Chemical Applications, Expenses, Customer Payments, Sales Tax and Schedules.
NOTE: Once the CSV is created you can than use other software products to import that file, at which point, you can then use that other product to manipulate the data to create custom reports or calculations. Please refer to the other software products documentation on how to do this.

New Feature: Added the ability to import customers from QuickBooks. This feature imports customer names, addresses, phone numbers and starting balances from QuickBooks into GroundsKeeper Pro. NOTE: This feature is not a permanent connection where data is shared between the two software packages. It is simply a utility to quickly and easily get your customers loaded into GroundsKeeper Pro which is a great way to save you data entry time if you’re switching from QB to GK!

New Feature: Added the ability to print most screens as screen shots.

Improvement: Added a calculation on the printed Schedule and Route sheet for the grand total for all the location Lot Sizes.

Improvement: When a schedule date is selected in the Enter Charges screen the Service Date is automatically updated to match.

Improvement: The Service Contract and Estimate Contract mailing addresses reformatted to use our shipping envelope.

Improvement: Add the ability to print the Services Contract and the Estimate Contract without the contract terms.

Improvement: Changed the Taxes Collected Report to use Payment Date rather than the Service Charge Date.

Improvement: Button sounds removed.

Improvement: Added a new button to “Reset Default Colors” in the “Print Bills|Bill Options|Change Bill Colors” screen.

Improvement: For better organization, the default folder for all the exported files is now a new folder off the main GroundsKeeper Pro folder named “ExportedFiles”.

Bug Fix: Fixed the “Run Time 3021-No Current Record” error which occurred while printing the Taxes Collected Report from the Income Statistics screen when there are zero taxes collected due to no charges being within the date range only payments.

Bug Fix: Fixed error in Taxes Collected Report where the printed report did not match the screen Taxes Collected Amount when discounts/coupons were applied to customers accounts.

Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where, in rare cases, some computers get error “3050-Could not Lock File” randomly during software use.

Bug Fix: Fixed the “94-Invalid Use of Null” error when exporting a Route or Schedule to CSV for a customer that has an empty/null value for Phone.

Bug Fix: Fixed a minor issued that allowed a service to be scheduled for an inactive customer.

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the Scheduling screen where the price for similarly named services for a customer jobsite was incorrectly picking up the price of the 1st one in the list. Also, fixed the related issue caused by the same bug where the Total Charges on the printed report were incorrect due to the wrong price being used in the calculation.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where a bill isn’t correct when all jobsite locations are deleted from a customer. It is now required for a customer to have at least 1 jobsite location.

Bug Fix: Fixed the issue that caused an inactive customer to display when the Customer Maintenance is first opened.

Bug Fix: Fixed the Jobsite Street Search function in the Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry Customer Selection popups.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where the Service Charge, Service Taxable and Service Estimated Man Hours fields were printing on the Customer List report even when they were not selected to print.

Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where if the option NOT to print the “Long Service Description” detail is selected, the X is still printed in the bills Detail column anyways. Now the X doesn’t print.

System Requirements

Ink Jet or Laser Printer

Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (Not in S mode)

Run our software application on any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet running the Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (not in S mode) operating system. Any computer with the ability to run these operating systems has all the memory resources necessary to run our software program.

Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible Windows 10 Compatible

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International Users: (outside USA)

Computer date format must be mm/dd/yyyy.
Dollar sign ($) used for currency on some reports.
Estimating uses USA unit of measurements rather than metric.

More Info

Install on Multiple Computers

The software update is the latest version of GroundsKeeper Pro and can be installed on an unlimited number of computers with 1 purchase.
The latest version includes the features of all the previously released updates.

Software License Agreement

Update Fees

Our update fee is a one-time charge for this version of GroundsKeeper Pro. This fee does not include future software updates. Updates are released approximately every 1 1/2 to 2 years. Update fees are between $0 and $150 depending on what new features are added and what version you currently own. Updates are optional but we always recommend running the latest release.


Download and Install the Latest Update

NOTE: If you’ve already purchased this update you can use this link to download and install it onto an unlimited number of computers.

Technical Support


An existing registered license is required to purchase the update. Please provide the licensed user's company information as it was verified when the software was registered with Adkad Technologies. The information entered will be used to cross-reference our records to verify an existing registered software license.

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    2. Open the Company Maintenance screen.
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