Whether your landscaping company is just starting up or if it has been in business for years it’s important to have a strong system to keep your organization running smoothly. GroundKeeper Pro is a powerful, and simple system that can provide your landscaping company with the best foundation to build on. Here are some landscaping tips for pros that GroundKeeper Pro can fulfill for your company.

Keeping Schedules Clean

In your business, it’s important to show your clients that you are able to keep to your schedule and perform your services quickly and efficiently. GroundKeeper Pro has the software to organize your teams and even set up routes to be more efficient in your work. Don’t worry about not having the services on the program, we have space for over 100 different services, per client. You can specialize your services for each client.

All in one System

There are many programs that you need to keep any company running, but sometimes getting them to talk to each other is sometimes more trouble than its worth. If there is any information lost or entered incorrectly by human error from one to another it can cost you time and money. GroundKeeper Pro has all the systems that a landscaping company can want. In one program you can keep track of your expenses, your contracts, your resources, and much more without needing to enter them in a second time!

Easy to Learn Software

There is nothing more difficult than changing from one system to another. But we’ve made it easy for you. GroundKeeper Pro is built with simple phrases and pictures to understand what part of the system that you’re accessing. We also provide you with simple tutorials to introduce you to every screen.

Make this program be your best change this year! Make your landscaping business run smoothly and get the organization that you’ve been looking for. Because we are so confident that you will find our software to be just what you were looking for, we are providing you with a free 30-day trial, no obligations. Start your free trial for even more landscaping tips for pros.