Get your company on track! It’s easy to say but in action, it’s more difficult. There are so many different things to keep track of when running a business, lawn care is no different. But we’ve created a program to help you with organizing your lawn care business. GroundKeeper Pro takes those piles of paperwork and turns it into an easy, organized system where you can find the information you’re looking for faster. But that isn’t all it does!

Schedule Management

Get your teams working together smoothly. With Groundkeeper Pro you can easily create, edit, and manage all your daily schedules. Not only that but our program can create the routes for your teams so they can more easily get from one location to the next, saving you time and gas mileage on your vehicles. Working with our system is simple and easy, each button has simple language and pictures on them so you know which part of the application you are getting into before you start working.

Edit, View, Create, and Print Contracts Easier

Keep all your clients’ contracts under their name making it easier to find and easier to create their contracts. We’ve given you the ability to put up to 100 services for each client. Not for the system itself, you can customize each service that you’re providing for your clients in their contract, down to even the price. If they want a copy of the contract they are also easy to print. Not sure about the wording for a contract? GroundKeeper Pro also can provide the content for your contracts so you’ll sound professional.

Start Saving Time and Money Today

Take less time handling the paperwork and more time taking care of your clients’ needs. You can now download to our program for a 30 Free Trial and see what GroundKeeper Pro can do for your organization!