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What is an update?

All Our software products have a version number. The version number is broken into 3 categories separated by 2 decimal points.  The first number(s) is the Series Number. The second number(s) is the update (build) number. The third number(s) is the bug fix indicator number. All updates within the same Series Number are Free updates. An increase in the second update number from a previous version indicates there have been some lower level features added to the software. An increase in the third number indicates there have been important bug fixes. There is usually a fee to update to a new series (First number). Historically those fees have ranged from $0 to $130.00 since 1997.

What version am I running?

To determine which version you have installed, simply go into the program’s About box. The version you own will be displayed there.

Do I have to update?

It is always in your best interest to update and be running the latest version of your software product.

Updating is necessary when you are encountering an issue with the software, operating system compatibility, or other known issues that an update resolves.  Another reason to keep up to date on your software product is that we do retire older versions of our software products and do not support them at the point they have become obsolete.

Will my data import into the new version?

Yes.  The data from your old version will automatically import into the new version after installing and running the new version for the first time.  Even data that is several software versions old will import into the update without a problem.

If the auto import doesn’t work, you simply use the new version’s Database Maintenance screen’s Restore feature to manually load your data in from a backup you made using the Database Maintenance screen’s Backup feature in the old version.

Of course, you always have the option to start over fresh with no data after updating too.

What new features and bug fixes are in the latest update? What about older updates?

GroundsKeeper Pro – Latest Update Info
GroundsKeeper Pro – Previous Updates Info

GroundsKeeper Lite – Latest Update Info
GroundsKeeper Lite – Previous Updates Info

Blizzard Buster – Latest Update Info
Blizzard Buster – Previous Updates Info

How can I purchase the update?

GroundsKeeper Pro Update
GroundsKeeper Lite Update
Blizzard Buster Update

Why do I have to provide so much information to purchase the update?

An existing registered license is required to purchase the update. We ask that you provide the licensed user’s company information as it was verified when the software was registered with Adkad Technologies. The information entered is used to cross-reference our records to verify a valid and current software license exists.

Get the required information for the registered licensed user from the Company Maintenance screen of your current/old version of your software.

GETTING AN ERROR WHEN TRYING TO UPDATE ONLINE? You will get an error while trying to update on our website if there has been an address and/or phone number change since the software was originally registered.  In this case, to purchase the update you will need to print, fill-out and fax back the form below.

Software Update Request with Company Address and/or Phone Number Change

Where can I download the latest update?

When downloading the update from the link provided here you will always be installing the latest version and therefore, the latest update, of your software product.

Download & Install the GroundsKeeper Pro Update
Download & Install the GroundsKeeper Lite Update
Download & Install the Blizzard Buster Update

IMPORTANT! If you originally purchased an older version and you haven’t already purchased the update, there will be a charge for updating to the new version.  Once purchased, the update may be downloaded and installed an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of computers.

And, as always, another option to install the latest version is to simply download and install the free trial.  When your data is imported and your new update registration number entered, the free trial understands it has been purchased and is activated and ready to use.

What if I want to run an older version?

We strongly recommend always running the latest version of the software to take advantage of improvements, operating system compatibility issues, and bug fixes.

We do not provide download links or CDs for older versions.  If you absolutely must run an older version you may install the version that was originally purchased by using the CD that was mailed in the original software product box.  If lost, we do not provide replacement CDs for old versions.

In the event that you need technical support on an old version, depending on how old the version is your running, we may require that you update before we can provide you with quality assistance.

On a new computer, do I need the old version installed before I can update to the latest version?

No. The update is the full-version of the software so after it’s installed, it’s ready to go.  In other words, the latest update contains all the previously released updates.  So, on a new computer, you don’t need to install the old version; just install the new update version.

On an old computer where the old version is already installed, the old version should be shut down before installing the update.  Once your data has been successfully imported or restored into the new update version, all the old versions can be uninstalled using the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove/Uninstall a program.  If the uninstall program asks about ‘Shared Files’ you always want to keep them.

What if I need help?

We provide detailed instructions on how to update your software here on our Knowledgebase: How do I update to the latest version?

But if you’d still rather have software expert walk you through it you will need one of our premium support plans or use our pay-per-incident support service.

If you’re having trouble recovering your data, we offer a data recovery support service.