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What are the new features or bug fixes for update 6.3.2?
Released August 5, 2009

  1. Fixed the ‘Run Time #6 – Overflow’ error which occurs while in the Apply Payments and View Past Invoices screens.
  2. Fixed the ’76 – Path not Found’ error which occurs while exporting a Route or Schedule to a CSV File.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 6.3.1?
Released February 13, 2009

  1. Updated software for Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 compatibility. Fixes Error#339 and virtualization issues from v6.02 on Vista computers. The software still remains backwards compliant for older Microsoft Windows operating systems such as XP.
  2. Added Credit & Debit Card Processing capabilities. Adkad Technologies has partnered with Easy Pay Solutions to offer the ability to offer your customers the convenience to pay by credit or debit card right from within GroundsKeeper Pro. No other hardware or software is required.
  3. Added “Current Balance” and “Invoice Detail” to the Apply Payments screen. As described above, the ability to pay via credit/debit cards also added to the Apply Payments screen.
  4. Added the ability to print Estimate & Time & Materials Categories lists.
    Ability to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) File from Routes, Routing Template or Schedules. CSV Files can be Imported into most Mapping Software products.
  5. Added Fuel Surcharge screen where a fee can be applied to 1 or all customer locations based on a flat rate or lotsize.
  6. Ability to print an invoice with more than 92 Activity lines.
  7. Added a checkbox to quickly select or deselect all services in the Increase Prices screen.
  8. Added a feature to the “Adding a New Customer” process of the Customer Maintenancescreen to pre-fill the City, State & Zip of the new customer to reduce data entry.
  9. An AutoBackup is now created prior to a Restore. AutoBackups moved from the root of c: to be stored in the Application Path.
  10. Added functionality to the Repair Feature of the Database Maintenance screen to find any duplicate jobsite locations and fix them.
  11. Fixed Error “3021-No Current Record” when printing an invoice for a customer that has two(2) services with unmatched Long Service Descriptions.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 6.02?
Released May 25, 2007

  1. New User Interface – Improved graphics & screen design.
  2. Added the ability to search for a customer by a Jobsite Location Street Address in the Customer List selection screens of the Customer Maintenance & Customer Inquiry.
  3. New functionality added to the Customer Inquiry screens Charges & Payments Account History tab to automatically scroll to the bottom of the list of transactions where the customer’s Balance is displayed and the most recently added transactions are shown.
  4. Quick-link button added to go to the Customer Charges & Payments Account History screen from the Enter Charges and Apply Payments screens.
  5. Quick-link buttons added to switch between the Daily Schedule and the Customer Maintenance|Create/View Service Schedule screens.
  6. Added Calendar-Views of a Services Scheduled Dates in the Customer Maintenance|Create/View Service Schedule screen and Customer Inquiry|Services tab.
  7. Added the functionality to ‘Push all SATURDAY scheduled dates to the previous FRIDAY’ and ‘Push all SUNDAY scheduled dates to the following MONDAY’ when creating a service schedule in the Customer Maintenance|Create/View Service Schedule screen.
  8. The screen display and printed schedule from the Daily Schedule screen now reflect the same sort order of Service Name grouped within Jobsite Location.
  9. Added new functionality to eMail Invoices.
  10. Added 4 Line Addressing for a customer’s Billing & Correspondence Address.
  11. Added the following new fields to the Chemical Application Reporting screen: Rate, Dilution, Method of Application, Target Organism, Active Ingredients, Air Temperature & Humidity.
  12. Added the new feature to globally change Service Names and Sales Tax Rates for all customers with matching criteria. This feature automatically pops up when changing either a Service Name or Sales Tax Rate in the Customer Maintenance screen.
  13. Added auto-save to Routing screen.
  14. Added new functionality to the Routing screen for quickly organizing route locations according to a Template. The Template is a list of all your jobsites arranged by you. Typically, the order will be the least distance between locations. When you apply the Template to the Route, all the Jobsites within the Route are quickly arranged according to the Template.
  15. Added new functionality to the Routing screen to reverse the order of the Locations in a Route. This ensures fairness for the order of servicing customers which is especially useful for snowplowing so that the same customer is not always serviced last.
  16. Added your company logo to the Estimate & Service contracts.
  17. The Customer List screen has been completely redesigned to create customer lists based on criteria you specify such as only jobsites that are in a certain city, zip or county; or only customers getting a particular service or with a lot or bed size larger or greater than a specific size. The complete list of fields for creating the Customer List are: Customer Status of Active/Inactive, Jobsite City/Zip/County, Lot Size, Bed Size, Service Name, Service Charge, Service Taxable/Non-Taxable, & Man-Hours.
  18. When printing the Customer List, the ability was added to select which fields to print on the report.
  19. The functionality was also added to the Customer List screen to create a Route based on the Jobsite Locations & Services returned from the Customer List query which, for example, makes it a snap to create a route for all customers getting the ‘Lawn Fertilization Step 1’ service or the ‘Snowplowing’ service, etc.
  20. The Invoices printed from the View Past Invoices screen are now an exact duplicate of the original.
  21. Added functionality to the View Past Invoices screen to search for an Invoice Number and return its associated customer.
  22. The Print Bills screen now retains text entered into Message Line 1 & 2.
  23. Added the ability to suppress printing all the Long Service Detail pages when printing invoices.
  24. Changed when the Long Service Detail pages are printed when printing invoices. All Long Service Details pages are now printed together after all customer invoices have been printed.
  25. Check Number field length increased in Apply Payments screen.
  26. Payment Description field added to Apply Payments screen.
  27. Company eMail, Website, License/Certificate Number fields added to the Company Maintenance screen. The new fields will print on the Invoices, Estimates & Service Contracts.
  28. Added a new GENERAL Category to the Estimates screen that allows a line item to be added to an estimate that has just a Description & Price.
  29. Password protect Income Stats and Service Stats screens.
  30. Added a count of Inactive Customers, Active Customers & All Customers in the Customer List selection screens of the Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry screen.
  31. Added a new Column for Inv# in the Last Bills Sent screen and changed the sort order to be by Inv# which ensures the Invoices printed most recently are displayed on top.
  32. Fixed the bug that incorrectly printed invoices when multiple copies were selected in the Printer Dialog of the Print Bills screen.
  33. Added the ability to have an invoice’s Due Date be “On Receipt”.
  34. Fixed text overlap issue on all reports.
  35. Fixed left margin text cut-off issue on both the Service & Estimate Contracts.
  36. Fixed bug in the Enter Charges screen’s Wizard when auto applying charges from a route that had a name change to an old preexisting but deleted route.
  37. Fixed issue in Current Balances report that printed all customers regardless of whether just inactive or active were displayed on the screen.
  38. Fixed bug in Estimates screen that allowed a line item to be added with a description that exceeded the maximum number of characters allowed which caused an error when using the Wizard in the Enter Charges screen to auto apply the estimate items.
  39. Fixed bug in Customer Maintenance screen that automatically changed the jobsite location address to match the billing address when the customer only had one jobsite location & the billing address was modified.
  40. Added ‘Registration Error’ troubleshooter.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 5.2.1?
Released April 13, 2004

  1. Added County Code to Customer Location data in Customer Maintenance screen.
  2. Taxes Collected report is now summarized by county code.
  3. Added a new screen to report on Service Statistics.
  4. Fax number moved above Pager number on invoice.
  5. Ability to choose whether active or inactive customers are shown in the Current Balancesscreen.
  6. Increased the number of services per customer from 21 to 100 in the Customer Maintenance screen.
  7. Added a new screen to Increase Prices on services globally by either a dollar amount or a percentage.
  8. Added option to not print customer phone numbers on Schedule & Route sheets.
  9. Pesticide/Herbicide screen’s EPA#, Applicator Certification#, & County Code prefill when selecting from Product, Employee and Customer lists.
  10. Button image distortion corrected in all screens.
  11. Fixed inability to delete customer phone numbers in the Customer Maintenance screen.
  12. Fixed “Run Time Error#6 Overflow” error when resizing grid headers to be too small in Scheduling & Estimate screens.
  13. Fixed “Invalid Callee” error when accessing the Calendar.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 5.1?
Released April 8, 2003

  1. New invoice design created to accommodate pre-printed paper. The pre-printed paper is available for purchase from Adkad Technologies. The benefits of the pre-printed paper include a perforation at the section where the customer detaches, faster invoice printing since only the customer data is printing, and a huge savings in ink costs since the majority of the invoice has already been printed.
  2. Larger logo incorporated into invoice.
  3. Ability to span multiple disks added to Backup Database feature.
  4. Software will no longer allow a corrupted backup to be restored.
  5. Invoice message lines increased for longer text messages.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 5.0?
Released October 16, 2002

  1. All screens with grids will now maintain user defined column widths.
  2. Change tab order in the Payments screen.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.62?
Released April 13, 2002

  1. Corrected the issue in the Customer Inquiry screen where tax is always charged in the Service Contract even if “no tax” has been selected for the service.
  2. Added option to print or not print the text “With Tax” for all screens and reports associated with Estimates and Time & Materials.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.61?
Released February 4, 2002

  1. Added ability to track Pesticide and Herbicide applications. Most states require a record of these chemical applications and some require the application information to be sent to the location at which the pesticide/herbicide was applied. This data can now be stored for your records and also printed for all locations or a single location for a specific date range.
  2. Resolved the issue of not being able to print to a printer other than your default printer. The Printer Dialog now responds correctly by printing reports to any printer in the list of installed printers.
  3. The Database Backup function will now automatically create properly named backup files as a convenience and also to eliminate naming errors.
  4. Expenses/Costs screen terminology made more clear.
  5. Improved readability in the Scheduling screen by making the services column fixed.
  6. Scheduling screen columns are now sizable by height, as well as, width.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.51?
Released August 27, 2001

  1. Added ability to print bills as either a Statement or an Invoice.
  2. Added ability to print bills with or without Invoice Numbers.
  3. Total Estimated ManHours added to printed Route Lists.
  4. Added ability to enter Comments about employees.
  5. Fixed Taxes Collected miscalculation when editing old payment information, or adding a payment backdated to a previous date. This error did not affect customer balances.
  6. Removed ability to add duplicate location street address information in the Customer Maintenance Screen. The duplicate Street Address was causing a warning message in the Routing Screen, (“This location already exists in this route”) and would not allow the location to be added to the selected route.
  7. Fixed printed Summary Report in Income Stats screen. Taxes charged misrepresented on printed copy of summary report only, the amount shown on screen was correct.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.41?
Released March 14, 2001

  1. Added password security for the Payroll screen.
  2. Expanded grid columns in all screens to show entire column contents when screens are maximized.
  3. Past invoices are now listed in descending Invoice Number order (the most recently printed invoice on top) on the Past Invoices screen.
  4. Apply Payments screen now retains highlight on the last customer a payment was entered for.
  5. Changed “Item Description” and “Item #” fields in the Expenses screen to be text boxes rather than combo boxes.
  6. Made it possible to add “Special Services”, “Hourly Rates” and “Time & Materials” charges to a customer with no associated regular repeating services.
  7. Increased Sales Tax Rate on all associated screens to a precision of three(3) decimal places (i.e. 7.025%).
  8. Company Maintenance data will now be saved when using “x” to close out of screen. In the past the data was only saved if using the “Exit” menu to exit the screen.
  9. Fixed “Blank Record” problem when using “x” to close out of screen in the process of adding a new customer.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.31?
Released November 26, 2000

  1. Added ability to modify a previously entered Long Service Description for a charge.
  2. Program will now retain screen size and location from last program session.
  3. Moved preprint bill paper function from the Main screen to the Print Bills screen.
  4. Fixed areas in program where text was being cut-off when screens were maximized.
  5. Fixed “No Current Record” error when printing bills and multiple special charges with long service descriptions exist in the same billing cycle.
  6. Corrected Determine Late Paying Customers function error that was incorrectly charging late fees when the Flat Late Fee option was selected.

What are the new features or bug fixes for update 4.30?
Released August 5, 2000

  1. Enter customer comments, conversations and interactions feature added.
  2. Maximize screens capability added.
  3. New layout for Customer Inquiry Charges/Payments screen.
  4. Running balance for Customer Inquiry Charges/Payments screen.
  5. Tax now associated per individual service rather than by grouping all services by location.
  6. Payments can now be added for accounts in Expenses/Costs screen.
  7. Ability to delete invoices from the Past Bills Sent screen added.
  8. Unemployment Insurance field added to Payroll screen.
  9. Total Withholding field added to Payroll screen.
  10. A message box added when no bills will print based on billing options selected.
  11. Ability to enter Time & Materials Charges in Enter Charges screen added.
  12. Estimated manhours to complete a service reporting throughout program added.
  13. All dates a service is scheduled report added to Schedule Service screen.
  14. Time/Labor/Machinery category added to Estimate and Charge for Time & Materialsscreens.
  15. Liquid Measure category added to Estimate and Charge for Time & Materials screens.
  16. Added Collected Taxes reporting in Income Statistics screen.
  17. Added button in Customer Inquiry screen to quickly get to Customer Maintenance screen.
  18. Also added button in Customer Maintenance screen to quickly get back to the Customer Inquiry screen.
  19. “Invalid Use of Null” bug fixed.
  20. Both Access 97 and Access 2000 database formats now accepted by program.

What were the new features or bug fixes for update 4.20?

  1. Optional Drop-off courtesy letter added to the Scheduling screen.
  2. Added ability to view ALL past invoices rather than just the most recent.
  3. Customer identification added to the long service description detail section of bill.
  4. Search box added to Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry screens.
  5. Option to print total charge amount on route list added.
  6. Ability to print labels for Inactive customers added.
  7. Switch to turn off overdue amount on bills added.
  8. Missing scroll bar in Current Balances screen bug fixed.