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The invoices/bills are missing customer information such as services, payments, amount overdue, or previous balances.

Solution 1:

If you’re using a color printer, replace any ink or toner cartridges that may be empty.  Run a diagnostic to check your printer heads through your printers utilities in CONTROL PANEL|PRINTERS|PROPERTIES to make sure they are not malfunctioning.

Solution 2:

Try printing a STATEMENT-TYPE invoice rather than an INVOICE-TYPE invoice.  The INVOICE-TYPE invoice does not show Payments even if they fall within the Beginning Date and Ending Date selected.  Only charges that fall within the date range are shown on the INVOICE-TYPE invoice.

Solution 3:

Check the BEGINNING and ENDING date range of the billing period. Any charges or payments that do not fall within the range selected will not print in the Activity section of the invoice. To check a specific customer’s account history of charges & payments, go into the Customer Inquiry screen.

Solution 4:

Check that the text colors were not changed to white from within the Change Bill Colors feature of the Print Billsscreen.