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GroundsKeeper Pro has the ability to import your customers from QuickBooks.

The data that gets transferred are your customer names, addresses, phone numbers and starting balances.  We provide this utility so that you may quickly and easily get your QB customers loaded into GroundsKeeper Pro. This is a great way to save data entry time if you’re switching from QuickBooks to GroundsKeeper Pro!

Step 1: Start GroundsKeeper Pro and click on the ‘Import & Export’ button from the Main screen.

Step 2: Start QuickBooks and select the company that contains the customers you wish to import.

Step 3: Click on the ‘QuickBooks Import’ tab in the Import/Export screen of GroundsKeeper Pro.  Immediately QB detects that GroundsKeeper Pro is requesting permission to access its data and shifts focus to a QB popup where you must say ‘YES’ to allow access.  If you accidentally say ‘no’ then in order to get QB to ask again you must follow the instructions in the related article at the bottom of this page: Unable to connect to QuickBooks.

Step 4: After access is granted by QB, GroundsKeeper Pro will load the listbox with all your QB customers.  From the listbox select the customers to import.

Step 5: WARNING: It takes approximately 2 seconds to load each customer so it takes around 17 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer, to import 500 customers.  The software locks your computer until it’s done importing all the customers and it can appear to freeze or be unresponsive during that time.  Please be patient.  A message will popup saying that the import process has completed when it is done.  Therefore, once you are sure you won’t need to use your computer for anything else for the calculated amount of time you may then click the ‘Import QuickBooks Customers’ button.

For your convenience the import also takes all this QB data and copies it into the ‘Customer Notes’ field in the Customer Maintenance screen.  It appends the date to the data that was copied as the text ‘QB: mm/dd/yyyy’.

NOTE:  The feature is not a permanent connection where data is shared or synchronized between the two software products.  This is a one-time and one-way connection to get customers loaded from QuickBooks into GroundsKeeper.