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Access to some areas of the software are denied due to Registration Error #9: Registration Validation Error.

Summary: This error is caused by the software registration process being incomplete.

Note: Your data is safe and still contained within the software. Access to it is simply restricted until the registration process is complete.When the software is first purchased you’re issued a Temporary Registration Number to activate the software.

Afterwards, your company name, address and primary business phone number must be verified within several months of purchasing the software. A message to complete the registration process occurs 30 days prior to Registration Error #9 activating. A prompt response is required to avoid this error.

The software registration process is completed in one of the following ways:

1. When the Complete Registration popup appears go to the internet registration form and submit it.

2. When the Complete Registration popup appears print out the registration form, fill it out completely and mail it to the address provided on the form.

3. When the Complete Registration popup appears call the phone number provided to complete the registration process.

If the registration process is completed successfully within 3-4 months after the software is first registered, a new and FREE Permanent Registration Number is issued.

If the registration process was completed successfully then you need to check your mail for a letter with a new Permanent Registration Number. This letter is sent via the US mail to the business address you verified.

This error is fixed by simply entering your new Permanent Registration Number into the Order/Registerscreen.

If you misplaced or lost the email and letter that was sent with the Permanent Registration Number, it is possible to get the Permanent Registration Number reissued, however, there is a small administrative fee associated with this service.

Do not uninstall or reinstall the software to attempt to fix this error. Doing so will cause your data to be overwritten by the demo data.

If you cannot resolve the issue with the information provided then follow the guidance of the software’s registration error troubleshooter.  Note: Older versions of the software do not have the troubleshooter.  We recommend always running the latest version of your software product to take advantage of new features, improvements and bug fixes.